What to Do When You Forgot Costco Card? (Updated Answers 2022)

What to Do When You Forgot Costco Card
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Costco can meet any of your requirements. This wholesale store has it all, with great products at unbeatable prices. Because it is a membership-only service, you must register ahead of time and bring the plastic with you whenever you visit the store but can you enter Costco if you have forgotten your card? Keep reading to find out all the answers to your queries.

Can You Enter Costco Without a Card?

Yes! You certainly can. You can still shop at the warehouse even if you forget your Costco card. All you have to do is approach a customer service counter and explain your situation. 

The employee will record all of your information for identification purposes and your customer number to print a reminder from the computer system. Finally, they’ll assist you by providing a temporary one so you can finish your shopping once and for all.

What Do I Do If I Forget My Costco Card at home?

  • You can enter the store and request a replacement.
  • Another option is to go to the store’s counter service desk, where an attendant can look up your number and provide you with a complimentary one if yours isn’t available.
  • You could even download their app from iTunes or Google Play and create an account.

Can I shop at Costco without becoming a member?

Unless accompanied by a registered member, you can still purchase items from this warehouse. They will let you in if you can show that one of you has registered.

Technically, as long as you have a paying member, you can bring two people. 

How to get discounts at Costco?

If you’re looking for a wholesale bulk product, you’ll need to become a member, which costs $60 per year. They do not provide free trials like other services, but memberships can be canceled online any time before the next renewal date!

Can non-members get discounts?

No! Remember that non-members are not permitted to visit alone because discounts are only available to those who pay an annual fee.

What advantages come with membership?

If you’re tired of shopping in other stores and paying too much for a few items, this warehouse is the place to go to avoid losing your wallet. 

  • Costco has everything, from food to clothing and even appliances.
  • Costco offers discounts on most items available. 
  • Members also benefit from saving money on fuel when they buy gas or diesel at any of the locations. 
  • The $60 fee is insignificant in comparison to the discount they provide. So don’t be too concerned about the pros and cons; go to their website to see what you can gain and then make your decision.
  • Costco also provides a Visa credit card that gives members cashback every time they use their services. 
  • Costco gives you points for everyday purchases like gas, food, travel, and online shopping. As a result, you can reap some benefits when doing things you usually do, such as going to the grocery store or ordering food online.

Is a Costco Digital Membership Card Available?

Yes! Costco has a digital membership card. The card gives you the same shopping experience as if you were carrying your plastic card. You can use your phone to access it and make purchases at Costco locations.

Does Costco check your ID and credit card at the door?

Costco used to check ID and cards at the door to ensure that only members could shop there, but they now have a digital membership card, which eliminates all of this. This was done to ensure that only members benefit from Costco shopping.

Can You Get Gas at Costco if You Don’t Have Your Card?

Yes! You can fill up at Costco without a Costco card, but you must have a Costco Shop Card. Costco members can only get a Costco shop card. This will allow you to serve yourself and pay at the pump.

Can I get a refund for Costco card fees?

Yes! The fee refund procedure is simple. They will refund your $60 whenever you want.

What If You Misplaced Your Costco Card?

If you’ve misplaced your membership card, go to the nearest warehouse, and customer service will issue you a replacement card. You’ll have to show them some form of identification.

Is it possible for someone to use your stolen Costco card?

No! It’s nearly impossible for someone to use your stolen Costco card because they’d need to know your membership number and PIN. Furthermore, the photo on the back of the card serves as a key identifier, preventing them from using it.


You will not charge any extra fee if you leave your Costco card at home unless you misplaced it and requested a replacement. You can also use a digital one for ease of use. Non-members who accompany a registered member may also enter, but for discounts, they must bring a member.


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