When Does Costco Restock? (Alerts, Inventory, Hours, and more)

When Does Costco Restock? (Alerts, Inventory, Hours, and more)
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For everything you need from food to home goods and electronics, Costco restocks inventory in its store after a certain time. It restocks its shelves several times a week. 

You may not need to wander through different stores to collect different items. Costco refills its shelves before they empty. You may purchase everything you need in a single trip at the Costco store.

When does Costco restock?

When it comes to the Costco restocking schedule, you will be surprised to know that it has a specific schedule of restocking. Local warehouses receive inventory daily. Most of the time, sources claim that Costco’s local warehouses restock after the night shift. Usually, it also restocks before the opening of the store for the public. Restocking in the morning occurred after 4 am and before the opening of the store to the public.

Costco restocks its shelves at an above-mentioned time most frequently.

To check Costco inventory whether is restocked or not, visit the membership desk in your nearest warehouse. You can ask them about the restocking of certain items

When does Costco restock online inventory?

Costco restocks its store as well as online inventory after it receives shipments from the distributors.

It updates online inventory on a daily basis. It is a real-time update which means you will see only those items which are being restocked.

You can find the item of your interest. In case you are unable to find that specific item, it means that the item is out of stock and you can’t get that one.

Those items which were previously out of stock are updated on the website after they are restocked in the store as well. 

For high-demand items, it is suggested to order the item at once before they are sold out.

You can check the updated inventory around 9 am. In the noon between 12 pm to 3 pm, it can also update the website for products.

How often does Costco restock?

Costco doesn’t have any specific schedule for the restocking of the inventory in the warehouse. Yet there are some other ways through which you can get a hint of the times when it restocks its shelves.

Costco receives shipments daily. Fresh food like meat, fruits and vegetables are restocked every day. Those items which don’t need to be rotated in the store can be restocked once or twice a week. 

Those items which are being promoted by Costco might be restocked most frequently. Highly sold items are restocked after they are sold out. Its shelves are restocked on specific events and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How to get Costco in-stock alerts?

Costco does not notify that items are being restocked. You can’t get any type of notification or email for certain items. But there are a few things that you can do for your favorite item when it is restocked.

  • Contact a nearby Costco store.
  • You can visit them and ask for a certain product at the membership desk.
  • You can call them to inquire about the restocking of your favorite item.
  • Checking its official website daily can help you know about that certain item if it is on sale.
  • Getting the aid of a third-party app known as PriceCase, is a free service that notifies about the restocking and pricing of Costco and associates.
  • You will get a notification from PriceCase when an item will be on sale. 
  • Visiting PriceCase and entering the code or URL of the item will let you know about the availability of the item.

What are those products which Costco restocks?

As discussed earlier, Costco receives shipments daily. It depends on the need for the products to restock the store. For high-demand items, Costco has to restock them as the shelves are lacking them.

But it restocks certain items most commonly that include frozen foods, other food items, household supplies, electronics, and clothing, etc.

How can I get out-of-stock items at Costco?

There might be a chance that your favorite brand came to Costco, but it sold out before you went to purchase it. 

In this case, you can visit the website to find that one. Sometimes many of the items are restocked online although they are not available in the nearby market. You can easily order them on Costco.com. You can receive that item in-store or at your home. 

In case it is not available online then you will have to wait to be restocked again.

What are the best hours to shop at Costco?

The best time to shop at Costco is Monday morning. It is the time when shelves are restocked during the night shift. You can easily get those items which you planned to buy as you will not worry about the availability of some items.

You must avoid lunchtime as it is included in the peak hours of Costco.

You can visit the store on weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday to avoid long lines and to save time.


Costco has been one of the most visited stores. Different items are sold as they arrive in the store. Costco has to restock them gradually. It does not have a set schedule for restocking items. For most of the items, it refills the shelf daily such as food. Some need to be restocked once or twice a week. You can visit the store or official website for more information.


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