When Does Walgreens Restock? (Updated 2022 FAQs)

When Does Walgreens Restock
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We all prefer going to Walgreen because of its vast range of products, including toys, makeup, and pharmaceutical products. It would be unfortunate to go to Walgreens stores with empty shelves or not have the item we love. So, it’s better to know when they are refilled.

When do Walgreens stores restock their shelves?

Walgreens will replenish supplies once a week. The frequency of restocking depends on how busy a store is, and Walgreens does not have a standard restocking schedule. Walgreens stores do not all restock at the same time. Instead, they replenish their shelves based on the number of customers who come in.

For example, a busy Walgreens will restock its shelves twice a week, whereas a less active Walgreens will only restock them once a week.

When does Walgreens receive restocking shipments?

Because different marts will have different import dates, there are no announcements or schedules regarding the specific date that WAG will receive new goods.

Because each retail store will be in a different location, you can contact your local store for product information. The WAG Store Locator can help you find the phone number and address of the store closest to you.

You can freely ask questions about importing new goods after connecting with the store’s staff. It would help if you were not afraid to inquire about or inform about product problems.

Do Walgreens restock frequently?

Because WAG stores do not have a standard restocking schedule, refilling is determined by the sales performance of each location. Customers who shop frequently can quickly replenish the shelves.

In particular, busy stores will have a replenishment frequency of up to twice weekly. On the other hand, stores with fewer visitors can only replenish once a week.

Restocking products such as pharmacy, groceries, toys, and makeup can occur once or twice a week. It should be noted that for products from brands such as Pepsi, Red Bull, or L’Oreal, the cargo schedule will be managed by the product supplier rather than WAG employees.

Furthermore, shipments are typically available between 3 and 10 a.m. This shipping process can be done once a week or every other week. On some sales occasions, the frequency of restocking for some product categories may increase dramatically.

When Will Walgreens Launch Online Restocking?

Walgreens’ web-based inventory is always linked to the physical list of a nearby store or a specific store address of your choice.

If the item you’re looking for on the web is reported to be out of stock, you’ll have to wait a week for them to restock because the store’s new restocking process happens once per week.

What should you do if you need to know when they will refill the product you want?

You can call the staff directly if you only need to know when they will refill the product you want and don’t care about the specific store address.

If, on the other hand, you want to look for items in a specific store, you can check another shop address on the website.

When does Walgreens replenish Squishmallows?

Store Toys are divided into two categories: Walgreens products and toys from other suppliers. These two types, in particular, are the factors that determine when the toy you expect to be refilled will be refilled.

In general, you will have to wait about once per week or even every two weeks for a toy to be restocked. You can also contact the store directly for the most specific answer.

When Does Walgreens Restock Pokemon Cards In Their Store?

There is almost no set schedule for restocking Pokemon cards, so you can still expect them to replenish weekly (adding new merchandise each week is a routine process in most stores). In addition, marts with good sales usually fill about twice a week.

Instead of waiting on the street, many people contact the mart staff to get the most up-to-date information on refilling Pokemon cards.

When does Walgreens replenish its stock of sports cards?

Sports cards at WAG are typically refilled once per week or more, depending on the sales frequency of the mart you choose. Furthermore, item restocking does not follow a set schedule because it depends on the item and brand.

You can easily find sports cards in the toy aisle, such as basketball, baseball, football, and others. If the type of card you want is not on the shelf, you can inquire about the inventory.

When Do Walgreens Restock Pharmacy Items?

WAG is one of the most popular pharmaceutical brands, so it’s normal for them to run out of stock, and they’ll be restocked about twice a week.

Furthermore, the filling of new goods is affected by the adequate level of sales at that mart. To meet customer demand, WAG stores may sometimes have to import items up to three times per week.


The restocking of Walgreens greatly depends on the number of customers the stores deal with. If the store is packed and has many customers, it fills up twice a week; otherwise, it is filled once every week.


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