How To Find Out From Where an Amazon Package Came From?

How To Find Out From Where an Amazon Package Came From?
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You may receive a mysterious Amazon package or mail from an unknown sender. You may get worried if you have not ordered it. Receiving a mystery package may frustrate you. You don’t have an idea where it came from and who sent it to you. You can’t discern the sender’s details. Sometimes these kinds of anonymous deliveries have sinister meanings linked to them.

There are a few methods that you can use to trace that unknown sender. This may give you a clue whether it was sent from your family/friends or is linked to any fraudulent activity. What to do in this case? We will help you by providing those methods which can give you a clue to determine an unknown sender.

How can I find out where the Amazon package came from?

It is most common that you get worried after receiving an anonymous package. Do you want to know why it came to you? Who sent it to you?

How to know the sender’s details? Who is going to help you in this regard? Is this specific Amazon package linked to any fraud? 

These and all related questions are being answered here. 

Here is a method that you can use to know the anonymous sender of the Amazon package. In some cases, it can give you a clue to know the purpose of the mail.

Checking the Return Address;

First of all, check the return address. The return address might belong to an anonymous sender. There is a chance that it belongs to Amazon or the nearby drop shipper. In the latter two options, you will not be able to estimate the sender. If this address is somewhat different from that of Amazon or the drop shipper address, you may get a clue who sent it to you.

Slip in the Amazon Package;

Entirely depends on the sender to fill in his personal information on the slip. Amazon has given the option to buyers that they can choose to fill in their name and other information on the slip that is packed inside the package. They may also choose not to fill it. Whenever you receive an Amazon package anonymously, you can check for the information slip. There is a possibility that the slip does not contain sender information at all. If someone wanted to send it anonymously, that package will not contain the information of the sender. Amazon hides the identity of that sender. Yet you can get an idea of the delivery by going through the slip.

These slips give you details of whether the package was packed by Amazon or third-party retailers. You can talk to both of them. Interacting with third-party retailers is somewhat difficult.

Track the Journey of the Package;

You may be thinking about this idea. Tracking information is used to know where your order has reached now. In the case that you have received mail from Amazon and you do not know its sender, you can get help through this method.

You have to enter the tracking ID of the package on the official website of the company. It will give you details about the entire journey of the mail. You will know where it was mailed from. At which sorting hubs, it reached during its journey?

Although not very beneficial it will help you to track the journey of the package and get a clue to know the sender.

Interact with Amazon Customer Service;

You can call Amazon customer service although it does not give its customers’ data to anyone. Receiving a package anonymously does not entitle you to gather information about the purchase at Amazon takes caution while sharing data with anyone.

However, you may explain your situation to Amazon customer service. You must be concerned about the package you receive in case you are sure that your near one has not bought it for you. In this case, you must reach customer service to avoid being red-flagged.

Sometimes Amazon’s anonymous Packages are linked to fraudulent activities;

Should I be concerned about the anonymous package I received from Amazon?

In case you received a package with the name of your loved one, don’t worry at all. It must be a gift to you from your loved one. Sometimes the information is contained in the slip packed inside the package. That might be your loved one. 

This might be an attempt at brushing. This is attempted by sellers to raise their ratings in the Amazon algorithm. They lend a third party who purchases it and then they land the package to a real address. 

Most often verified reviews are mentioned to raise the rating on Amazon. Some sellers will try to cheat the system of Amazon. So when you get an anonymous package like that, you may be a victim of fraud. 

What to do if I receive an unrecognized and mysterious Amazon package?

But when there is not any clue of the sender you should be worried about the package you have recently received as it may be a fraud attempt.

So you should contact Amazon if it occurs repeatedly as it gives an idea that your information is being compromised. 


Sometimes many people receive anonymous packages even when their relatives do not claim responsibility. There is a reason that it was a gift from your loved one or it was misdelivered. In certain cases, it might be a part of fraudulent activity. You may leave the case if occurred only once but for repeated occurrences contact Amazon to get this issue resolved.


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