Who is the Home Depot Voice Actor? (All Previous Actors Included)

Who is the Home Depot Voice Actor
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Being a fan of Home Depot is amazing. Marketing campaigns and strategies are important to boost the sales of any brand. These include a variety of ways like TV commercials. Home Depot has been employing this strategy to enhance interaction with more audiences. 

Home Depot is known as a home improvement retailer. It is well known for its bright orange color scheme. Distinctive branding sets it apart from other brands. It has been creating several commercials for advertising campaigns that can be seen on the TVs. It is a leading brand in the United States.

Who is the voice of the Home Depot commercial?

An amazing and sexy voice has been employed by Home Depot. Yes, that voice belongs to Josh Lucas. Home Depot has employed John Lucas as a voice actor for advertising campaigns.

Who is Josh Lucas?

Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer is an American actor. 

Besides acting in famous movies and shows, he has voice-over work (or voice acting) with Breathe Bible other than The Home Depot.

Lucas is also a proprietor and expounder of the company Filthy Food with friends Marc and Daniel Singer.

The most famous movies of Josh Lucas include 

  • Sweet Home Alabama (2002), 
  • Hulk (2003), 
  • An Unfinished Life (2005), 
  • Glory Road (2006), 
  • Poseidon (2006), 
  • Life as We Know It (2010), 
  • The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), 
  • Red Dog (2011)

Josh Lucas as Voice Actor of Home Depot;

Josh Lucas is a famous actor who was employed by Home Depot in 2013. He is presently working for the store on commercial campaigns. The highest possible quality level is achieved through professionally recording his voice in studios.

Most of the commercial campaigns are recorded in Dallas, Texas where the Sound Palace is situated to ensure the best quality of voice-over.

The company claims that through its voice-over, it has been able to boost its sales throughout the state.

Most recent commercial campaign of Home Depot with Josh Lucas;

The most recent voice-over was for a Revolving Charge card. This card is being offered by Home Depot to its customers. They will be able to make monthly payments through this card. Many other services will be provided by the company to its customers for easy and convenient shopping.

Similarly, Josh Lucas has been voicing several commercials for Home Depot.

Previous Voice Actors of the Home Depot;

Several voice actors were employed by Home Depot. Initially, it had no strategic campaigns for commercialization but later on, it started advanced methods for marketing.

  • Brian Cummings

Brain Cummings is known for his vocal talent. He has been working on voice-over. He lent his voice-over to cartoons, radio shows, and motion picture promotion.

He initiated the first voice-over acting for Home Depot in 1990. The very first commercial was aired in the year 1992 for Home Depot on WNYW Fox channel 5.

  • Edward Allen Harris;

Ed Harris is a well-known personality in this field. Home Depot employed Ed Harris for a short interval of time after Brian Cummings. Edward Harris has been working as an actor, director and screenwriter besides voice-over. He is one of the most famous voice actors among all the voice actors that the company employed.

His warm voice has made me a popular marketing choice.

  • Dawn Warner

Home Depot has employed females for voice-over. Amongst them is the most famous Dawn Warner.

Several Home Depot advertisements have been recorded with Dawn Warner. She has worked as a model and entrepreneur.

She has been working as a TV host and actress.

She is well known for her role in Walker, Texas Rangers and Hottest moms in America.

  • Scarlett Estevez

Another major role is played by Scarlett Estevez in Home Depot marketing campaigns. Besides advertising for Home Depot she has been well-known as a child star. She has a famous role in Daddy’s Home as well.

Conclusion of “Home Depot Voice Overs”

To dominate home improvement products of the store, Home Depot has always remained busy with advertising campaigns. Among many elements of marketing techniques, commercials play an important role. Home Depot has employed Josh Lucas, who is currently voicing over commercials for Home Depot and boosting interaction of the brand with its audience, thereby maximizing the company’s sales throughout the nation.


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