Why is Amazon shipping so late? (2023)


Why is Amazon shipping so late?

Waiting for the shipping is exciting and worrying at the same time. Sometimes it becomes a blessing or curse. Late shipping is a troublesome thing to wait for. Let Amazon know if you have been waiting for a long time. Knowing some things can save you from headaches. 

Not even Amazon Prime members are spared when it comes to late shipments. 

Here is explain what to expect from Amazon shipping.

Amazon Prime 2-day shipping; 

Amazon offers same-day or two-day Prime delivery to registered customers who pay a certain amount to become Prime members. But a delay has been noticed recently in Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping. Many prime customers are frequently complaining about the uncertainty of their late shipping. 

Average time for Amazon Premium Shipment

This is the most glaring departure from their 2-day policy shipping. Usually, Amazon delivers prime 2-day shipping within 2 days. Your order is packed and sent to the address no matter where you live. According to Amazon, this policy is valid even now. But many customers in different regions have waited for more than 4 and up to 7 business days to receive an Amazon Prime 2-day shipment. 

Average time for Amazon Non-Premium Shipment

How long does it take to receive an Amazon delivery?

The average time set by Amazon for non-prime members is 3 to 4 days. Amazon says that they can expect their delivery within this time. Meanwhile, Prime members are facing shipment delays, and non-prime members will have to face the same or more delays. Prime shipments are prioritized over non-prime members so that they can expect more delay than prime members. 

There are multiple factors on which your shipment time is based. 

Location or region;

The location and region affect the time of your shipment. Amazon has to ship near the fulfillment store to deliver it to you. If you are ordering from the United States, you can expect a delay of up to 1 to 7 business days. In case you are ordering from any Asian country, you will have to wait from 8 to 20 business days.

What type of account do you have

Prime members receive an early delivery than non-prime members. Shipment delays depend on the type of account you hold. 


Many vendors or marketplaces have their timelines for shipping. Depending on the market’s timeframe, you may receive an early or late shipment. 

Type of your order

Expecting an earlier delivery for small orders is realistic. If you have ordered something that needs special consideration from the retailer, you will have to wait a bit longer as these are packed, shipped, and transported to a considerable distance.

Why is there a delay in Amazon shipment?

There are many reasons why customers have to wait a lot to receive their shipment packages.

Some of the causes are mentioned here. 

High volume shipments

In 2021 Amazon shipped approximately 7.7 billion packages over the globe, based on its nearly $470 billion in sales. To deal with such a large quantity, Amazon has to manage them. These are packed and transported to the people living in different localities. This is one of the reasons why our shipment is delayed. 

Transport Issues

Among multiple issues transportation is one of them. To cope with a considerable amount of shipments, fewer drivers are needed. 

Bad weather 

Sometimes natural calamities and disasters stop Amazon from delivering efficiently. Bad weather conditions will restrict Amazon from producing at a fast rate for its customers.

Third-party seller

Third-party sellers have their set time limit. Some of them do not deliver on weekends. Some of them do not deliver after 5 pm or 8 pm. They keep it to the next day. Based on the marketplace timeline, you must wait as long as expected. 

Shipping strikes

Unusually delayed shipments are expected due to the shutdown of the Amazon fulfillment center. Sometimes employees are on strike, restricting the smooth freight flow across the region.

Refund of delayed shipment

However, this compensation takes work.

If you have waited more than expected, you can request a refund for the purchased item. 

What does it mean by No Tracking 

Amazon has provided a facility through which you can track your order journey. Sometimes you cannot track your package, which means that your order has yet to reach the premises of your locality or fulfillment store. 

File a complaint again Amazon’s Delayed Shipment.

Call customer service when it is too long to wait for your package. Explain your situation and complain about the delay with the package. 


Amazon has shipment delays due to various reasons. It must cope with many shipments that need to be improved in fast customer deliveries. 


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