Does CVS Sell Flowers? (Cost, Fresh, Fake, and More)

Does CVS Sell Flowers
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When it comes to obtaining fresh flowers outside of a florist or grocery store, your choices may be restricted. Fortunately, many major pharmacy chains now sell a wide range of blooms. So, if you require some fresh flowers and are near a CVS pharmacy, you might be wondering if CVS sells them.

Does CVS Sell Flowers in 2022?

Yes. CVS will continue to sell flowers in 2022, although the type of flowers that are available may vary by store. Roses, daisies, and lilies are some of the most popular flowers sold at CVS, and the store typically has a wide selection of bouquets and arrangements to choose from. Seasonal flowers like tulips and daffodils are also often available, depending on the time of year.

While CVS does sell flowers year-round, the store typically has a more abundant selection in spring and summer. This is usually due to an increase in demand around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter. However, regardless of the season, CVS is likely to have at least a few different types of flowers available for purchase.

Is it possible to purchase fresh flowers at CVS?

The type and variety of flowers may differ between stores, depending on local availability and stock, but you can generally find a nice selection of bouquets and individual stems. If you have a specific type of flower in mind, make sure to phone ahead and ensure your local CVS has them in stock and fresh.

You can use the CVS store finder to get the contact information for your closest CVS location along with other information like open hours, etc. So next time you need to pick up a few things from CVS, don’t forget to grab a beautiful bouquet of flowers as well!

What Flowers Does CVS Sell? Different Types

CVS is a great place to buy flowers because they sell a wide variety of popular, long-lasting flower types including chrysanthemums, carnations, and tulips. You can also find holiday-themed arrangements and other plants such as succulents and miniature cacti at CVS depending on the location.

Additionally, you can find packages of flower and vegetable seeds for sale which makes CVS a one-stop shop for all your gardening needs. Plus, they sell plant food, flower feeder sachets, and other supplements to keep your floral arrangements vibrant and healthy so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Can I get Fake Flowers from the CVS Store?

CVS does not currently sell artificial flowers, they can be easily purchased from other stores like Walgreens, Walmart, and local florist shops. With such a wide range of choices available, there is sure to be an artificial flower to meet your needs.

When Is The Best Time To Visit CVS For Flowers?

CVS locations sell flowers throughout the year, although the inventory is generally better during spring and summer. Poinsettias and other Christmassy plants are typically available during winter, while Valentine’s Day and Easter see an increase in flower options.

You can also find pre-made bouquets, as well as single stems to create your own arrangement. CVS puts flowers on sale occasionally, so it’s worth checking their website or in-store for special deals. Be aware that some CVS stores have a separate section for flowers, while others keep them near the checkout area. If you’re not sure where to look, ask a store employee for assistance.

How Much Do Flowers Cost In CVS?

A bouquet of flowers from CVS is a great option. Prices for simple bouquets start at just $5, making them an affordable option for anyone on a budget. And if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, larger arrangements with up to 20 flowers are also available for around $25. What’s more, CVS often sells single flowers, like roses and carnations, at a discount – perfect if you’re looking to put together your own arrangement.

Can You Buy Flowers Online At CVS Website?

You can do so by visiting the CVS website and selecting the flowers you’d like to purchase. CVS relies on Instacart to fulfill its online store orders, so your flowers will be delivered straight to your door. If you’re only looking to purchase a small order of flowers, you can opt for Instacart Express’s free trial to avoid delivery fees.

Wrap Up! Does CVS Sell Flowers

In conclusion, CVS is a great place to buy flowers and plants. They have a wide variety of blooms to choose from, at an affordable price. You can also order flowers from CVS online, with delivery completed by Instacart. Spring and summer sales are typically the best time to buy, the most vibrant and healthy blooms. So if you’re looking for a gift or just want to spruce up your home, CVS is a great option.

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