Costco Optical Return Policy: All you need to know (2022)

Costco Optical Return Policy
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Being one of the large retail stores, Costco has been offering eye examinations from independent doctors of optometry.  Being a Costco member, you are free to choose a variety of glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and eye solutions, etc. You may head towards Costco to buy any of them. After that, if you find them inappropriate for yourself, there are fewer chances of a return for most of the optical aid. The return policy is a little more complicated at Costco than at other retailers. Whether there is a return policy for these items at Costco or not? In case you find any product damaged or useless for your eyes, you can read this article to get your answers.

Costco Optical Return Policy

There might be many reasons to return eye products. You may want to return the eyeglasses in case you feel them heavy and they slip on your nose. It may be unflattering or you have chosen a poor style of glasses. You might have bought lenses or solutions from Costco. Unfortunately, you can not return eyeglasses and sunglasses to Costco. You neither get a refund nor an exchange for them. In case you got the wrong prescription, you can return it within the due date.

Unopened and unmarked contact lenses can be returned to Costco. 

In which cases Costco will refund or replace?

Manufacturer’s defect may be one of the cases when Costco gives a refund for any kind of glasses. 

On the other hand, you can consult Costco Optical department if your eyesight was measured in the wrong way and the lens is unable to help you see clearly. If the measurement was correct but the lenses aren’t appropriate, you can go to Costco Optical Department. After that, you can get the exact specification of your prescription.

Can I return prescription glasses to Costco?

Those glasses, also known as eyeglasses or spectacles, are vision eyewear. In most cases, you are unable to return prescription glasses to the Costco Optical Department. There are cases where Costco has made an error to the prescription, you can get it adjusted by the store. You can replace the lenses of your glasses within 60 to 90 days of purchase. To adjust the lenses of your glasses, Costco advises you to schedule an appointment with Costco opticians.

Can I return non-prescription glasses to Costco?

Costco gives a 100% guaranteed return for non-prescription glasses. You can return them anytime if you are unsatisfied with them. Non-prescription glasses are used for reading, reflecting blue rays or sun blocking. To return these glasses consult the customer service representative to initiate the return process. These glasses must be in a good condition to be valid for the return process.

Can I return the contact lenses to Costco?

Costco has a return policy for contact lenses. You are eligible to return them to Costco. In case you are not happy with the purchase, you can return them. These must be unopened and unused. They must be undamaged as well. You are eligible to return them within 5 years, as they carry a 5 years guarantee or you have to return them before they expire. Costco also offers a trial for these lenses. You can check samples to ensure ease of use with the brand which you are buying.

How to initiate the return process at Costco?

For most optical instruments, Costco offers little ease to return them or get an exchange.

  • To return contact lenses or non-prescription glasses, confer with the Costco Optical Department.
  • In case you want to reimburse for eyeglasses or prescription glasses you can do so.
  • In the case of lenses or non-prescription glasses, bring your purchase to the store.
  • You have to show that you have a membership card.
  • After validation, you can fetch a reimbursement or exchange.

In case you have purchased them online, you can also return them.

  • Login to your account and check your order history.
  • An option is provided by Costco return through to make a return schedule.

Does Costco give a warranty on eyewear?

Offering no armor for either scratches or breakage of the frame or lenses, Costco does not give any type of warranty on the eyewear it provides. 

Do I need a membership to buy Costco Optical items?

Although you do not need a membership card for eye examination yet you must be a member to buy eyewear. You should be a member of Costco to avail a wide variety of glasses and lenses. The annual membership fee is up to $60. You can cancel your membership at any time

What brands of eyewear does Costco offer?

Here are some of the more prominent eyeglass frame denominations that Costco sells.




Kirkland Signature


Venetian etc.

Here are the most popular sunglass denomination;



Kate Spade

Kirkland Signature





Vera Bradley

Vera Wang

XOXO etc.

Of these brands, they carry the most frames by Maui Jim and Ray-Ban.


Costco has a somewhat complicated optical return policy. You can get a return for wrong-measured or erroneously prescribed eyeglasses or lenses. It does offer returns for contact lenses before their expiry date. You can return prescription glasses if you are not happy with them. You may consult Costco for further assistance.


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